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DOUG MENUEZ TALK & SLIDE SHOW PRESENTATION                                                                                                                           

“Your photos are stunning, you are a great speaker, and I am completely astounded by your contribution to the world and photography.”    - Amy Arbus, International Center of Photography  

For Bookings Doug Menuez 212-336-1561 or dm@menuez.com

At Moscow's Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

At Moscow's Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

Doug Menuez was an eyewitness to history with unprecedented insider access to document Steve Jobs and the greatest innovators of the digital revolution. Menuez shares rare images from his new photography book “Fearless Genius” and stories of sacrifice, failure and the struggle to invent the impossible. Ultimately,  the refusual to give up on their dreams led to the extraordinary technology that changed our world forever. 

Of particular relevance to today’s entrepreneurs, Menuez brings observations and insights from his time inside over 70 companies, many of them startups that failed. His photographs reveal the passion, idealism and crazy dedication that fueled the scalable, breakthrough innovations that created millions of jobs worldwide and untold wealth. Menuez also discusses the challenges innovators face today with shortages of engineers and the lack of long-term funding for hard science. 

Today we see a new wave of amazing technology coming - sensors, 3D printing, genomics, nanotech and more, plus the possibility of the singularity -  if anything is possible in the future, how can we design the best possible future?

Ultimately, "Fearless Genius" is not about technology but what you'd be willing to give up to accomplish your dreams. 



“It was an absolute pleasure having you, and I heard excellent feedback about your talk. One long term entrepreneur said your talk was such an inspiration that it had given him the chills!”

-Hans Hartman, Chair, Mobile Photo Connect conference

“I am so thankful you were part of the event. What a great privilege to have you there. Your talk was simply wonderful and insightful. Many people mentioned you were a highlight of the event. And for me as well.”

- Kate Kubiak, Balderton Capital, London

“Wow! What a day! You made the entire thing so incredibly special. The buzz tonight was fantastic. Thanks for everything you did to make it such a great opening of the exhibition.”

- John Hollar, Director/CEO Computer History Museum

“ “Fearless Genius” by Doug Menuez is the most unique insight on Steve Jobs never previously revealed. Absolutely fascinating photos and narrative as Steve Jobs gave Doug Menuez permission to sit in on all meetings and follow him around for 3 years at NeXT. The legend comes alive in this book!”  

- John Sculley, former CEO, Apple Computer

At the opening of the exhibition of Fearless  Genius at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, Ca., July, 2014. Photo ©Douglas Fairbairn Photography.

At the opening of the exhibition of Fearless  Genius at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, Ca., July, 2014. Photo ©Douglas Fairbairn Photography.


At EG 8 Doug Menuez discusses his photo journalism work during a time that changed the world forever - the early years of Silicon Valley, with a young Steve Jobs and several other visionaries. Documentary photographer Doug Menuez once stood at the North Pole, crossed the Sahara, had tea with Svetlana Stalin and held a chunk of Einstein's brain.

Recent Talks

Product Hunt
Community Q&A Live Chat: Fearless Genius
Doug Menuez LIVE Chat on Product Hunt
December 8, 2015

Wyoming Seminary Kirby Center
Fearless Genius Lecture
Wyoming, PA
December 1, 2015

SVA: The Big Talk
Panel on Photo Advocacy/Fearless Genius
SVA Theater
New York, NY
November 4, 2015

Guest Speaker: Fearless Genius
June 10, 2015
San Francisco, CA

Keynote speaker: Fearless Genius
June 1, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

EG 9 Conference 
Guest Speaker: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Presentation
May 10, 2015
Monterey, CA

McGarry Bowen Advertising
Guest Speaker: Fearless Genius
May 30, 2015
New York, NY

ASMP                                                                                     Business as Unusual                                                                       Fearless Genius
April 22, 2015

Guest Speaker: Fearless Genius
Seattle, WA
December 19, 2014

PDN Photoplus Expo
Panel: A New Path for Visual Storytellers
New York, NY
October 30, 2014

Keynote Speaker: Fearless Genius
New York, NY
October 29, 2014

Silicon Valley Art Fair
Guest Speaker: Fearless Genius
San Mateo, CA
October 10, 2014

PDN PhotoPlus 
Panel Moderator and Book Signing  
Jacob Javits Center
655 W 34th St,
New York, NY 10001
OCT 30, 2014 2PM

American Society of Media Photographers
Keynote and Book Signing
Jacob Javits Center
655 W 34th St,
New York, NY 10001
OCT 29, 2014 3PM

Mobile Photo Connect Conference
Talk and Book Signing
Fort Mason Center
2 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123
OCT 15 2014 3PM

Google                                                                                                 Talk and Book Signing
1300 Charleston Rd
Mountain View CA 94043
OCT 14 2014, 2PM

1AN Symposium at Art Silicon Valley
Talk and Book Signing
1346 Saratoga Dr,
San Mateo, CA 94403
OCT 11, 2014 1PM

Photoville NY                                                                                      Talk and Book Signing                                                             Brooklyn Bridge Park                                                                    Brooklyn, NY 11201                                                                               SEPT 20, 2014 3PM 

20x20 Live NYC
School of Visual Arts
333 West 23rd St
New York, NY 10011
SEPT 17, 2014 7PM





Micron Technology                                                                   Keynote & Book Signing                                                               Computer History Museum                                                     Mountain View, CA                                                                       AUGUST 19, 2014

Peter Fetterman Gallery                                                                 Talk and Book Signing                                                                 2525 Michigan Ave.,                                                                     Santa Monica, CA 90404                                                               JULY 10, 2014

Computer History Museum                                                             Talk & Book Signing                                                                 Mountain View, CA                                                                       JULY 9, 2014 

Balluun                                                                                           Talk and Book Signing 950 Tower Lane, Suite 1788                             Foster City, CA 94404                                                                   JULY 8, 2014        

Harvard Business School Club NY                                             Lecture with John Sculley and book signing.                                   New York City                                                                             JUNE, 2014

EG 8 Conference                                                                        Featured Speaker                                                                         Monterey, CA 94930                                                                         MAY, 2014

TEDx BEACON STREET                                                                Featured Speaker                                                                         Brookline Interactive Group                                                          Brookline, MA 02445                                                                     MARCH 29, 2014

Flash Forward Festival                                                                   Lecture and presentation                                                                 Boston, Massachusetts                                                                   MAY 2013

Apple University
Fearless Genius Lecture
Apple, Inc.
Cuptertino, CA
November 12, 2012

Stanford University Libraries’                                                Preservation Department Photography Lecture Series                 Stanford University, California                                                       MAY 2013

University of Konstanz                                                                  Lecture and Presentation                                                             Konstanz, Germany                                                                     APRIL 2013

Dent the Future Conference                                                          Lecture and Presentation                                                                     Sun Valley, Idaho                                                                     MARCH 2013

MetLife eBusiness Unit                                                                      NYC                                                                                         MARCH 2013

Visa Pour l’Image                                                                           Lecture and Presentation                                                           Perpignan, France                                                                         SEPT 2012

9th China Photographic Arts Festival                                            Lecture and Presentation                                                               Wudang Mountain, China                                                               MAY 2012

Skolkovo Innovation Centre                                                          Keynote Speaker                                                                           Moscow, Russia                                                                         MARCH 2012

PDN PhotoPlus Expo                                                                           Panel Discussion Creator & Moderator                                                 New York, NY                                                                                 OCT 2011

Eddie Adams Workshop                                                                    Guest Lecturer                                                                       Jeffersonville, New York                                                               OCT 2011

Palm Springs Photo Festival                                                      Workshop Leader and Evening Keynote Speaker                               Palm Springs, CA                                                                       MARCH 2011

Palo Alto Institute                                                                          Keynote Dinner Speaker                                                                     Palo Alto, CA                                                                                 OCT 2010